You Are Now Entering the Black Liberation Movement

If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to become a organizer.
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to build a strong organization.
To liberate your mind, body and soul from oppressive systems and behaviors.
To bring all those ideals, dreams, and scribbles in your notepad into fruition.
And how to make all those meetings, community service hours, protest, and conference calls count.
You have reached your destination.
No Matter The Black Body
No Matter The Class
No Matter The Location
No Matter The language
No Matter The Experience
It's Time To Unite


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Our process starts with the individual. A person must make a decision for themselves on how much they are willing to sacrifice to change the things that we all know are wrong in the world. For change to happen each person must decide how much time and energy they can give towards changing the world starting with their own community. But we also want people who know that they can't possibly change the world on their own. Some can give money and resources. Some are seasoned activist and protesters. Others are programs and service specialist but at TheIBFA it’s all used for one collective goal and that's Liberation In Our Lifetime.

Each Month Every Member Must Complete These Three Revolutionary Task


In Order to Remove the Miseducation of White Supremacy and All It's Structures We Give Each Members a Annual Political Education Task That Comes With a Packet of Advised Audio and Visual Materials




Our ability to be Active from the tweets to streets is vital in our goal of raising the consciousness while resisting oppression. These strategic days of action are meant to mobilize and Elevate Our People Towards Liberation. 

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Every Month We Challenge Our Members Monthly to be there for Their Community. from feeding the people to providing direct aid or by just creating a safe spaces for our people to unify. Our member are community driven.

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We know people are tired of giving money to organizations where you don't really know where your money is going. Us too! So we breakdown exactly where and how your money will be used before you even give a dime. And if you would rather buy the resources yourself and send them to us we're cool with that too. We breakdown each level of Support with a detail item list for you to choose from depending on what each Chapter or Branch around the world needs. You can choose between a particular Organizing Area or a Particular Initiative. Next you pick which level of Supporter you would like and you'll receive monthly updates on how you're strengthening communities and sustaining a movement.


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Over the last 50 years or so we have heard great ideals put forth for the liberation of black people. We have heard everything from Boycotts to Buycotts. We have been to Economic Conference after Conference. At the same time we have seen political leaders propped up for mobilizing without any strategic plan for when we return home. Why? Because all these ideals need trained organizers and visionary organizations to carry out this work. So we as an Organization have created a Think Tank to research, analysis and create Toolkits and Blueprints on how we can create Racial Equity for Black People Globally.

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We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe
— Frantz Fanon