Books And Breakfast 



The mission of the Books and Breakfast Program is to cultivate an environment that enhances the skills of each participant. We want our members to show the volunteers that their is Global Movement for Black Freedom being built and that we need more people like them to join in that struggle. Next we must educate and demonstrate to them that the only way to change our community is through locally organized solutions to our problems like we do at the Books and Breakfast Program. We want those volunteers who serve to show the participants the importance of these types of programs so that can either become volunteers in the Breakfast program, volunteer their skills towards another one of our programs or events or tell others about who we are and what we do with the hopes that more people participate next time.


The Books and Breakfast Program was started by TheIBFA’s Mission Director Tory Russell in October of 2014 in Ferguson Mo. It was started out of two main ideals. First, he wanted to continue the Radical Black tradition started by The Black Panther Party for Self Defense in the late 1960s as a way to meet the people’s basic needs of literacy and food while also being a means to engage the community to later organize them towards community power and control.



  1. To serve our people healthy food since the government will not provide a living wage for all of it’s citizens. 

  2. To serve our people healthy food since the government did not provide Black People with enough land and the tools to produce our own food to feed our own community.

  3. To provide simple and free access to Black Literature with the mission to encourage more reading in our communities and to raise the literacy rates and understanding of our current and historical conditions as Black People,