Children of Injustice



Hundreds of youth in NYC are currently being imprisoned due to police, DA corruption and their family’s inability to pay exorbitant and unjustified bails. Since our inception in 2017, Children of Injustice has been successfully bringing families together; helping wrongfully imprisoned children secure their freedom, and providing them resources.


Children of Injustice was founded in the South Bronx after Eriel Rivera reached out to Jessica Perez in hopes to provide her with support in securing the freedom of her 16 year old son “Pedro Hernandez”, who was wrongly imprisoned by 3 corrupt NYPD officers, a corrupt District Attorney, and the 42nd Precinct. Pedro Hernandez had been imprisoned wrongfully 6 prior times before by the same corrupt individuals. When Jessica Perez hired a private investigator to help find all the evidence to prove her son’s innocence, the private investigator discovered that there were another 150-200 children who were also wrongfully imprisoned by the corruption between the 3 NYPD officers, the District Attorney, and the 42nd Precinct.


  1. Influence policies surrounding bail reform, raise the age, juvenile justice, and incarceration of youth.

  2. To provide economic, social, emotional, and educational support to youth and families impacted by wrongful incarceration.

  3. Increase capacity of juvenile justice advocates and reformers to develop programmatic policy and systematic intervention throughout the country.