Freedom Schools



As we have witnessed time and time again, our school system does not provide a well rounded education that includes the struggles and accomplishments of Africans globally. So much of our history is reduced to Egyptian royalty and Slavery. Our art and culture is either minimized or non existent. As the movement have grown so have the desires of it’s participants young and old for curriculums that are geared to balance out the one sided lessons taught in public and private institutions globally. So every year our chapter will hold community centered schools called “Freedom Schools” that cater to the black community. For four weekends, participating chapters will embark on teaching black people about who we were before colonialism and what contributions we have made to society since the beginning of time. We will teach the many places black people live, the various traditions we posses, and the different languages we speak. At these Freedom Schools there will be educators who look like the participants and teaching about subjects that are centered around them with reading materials from black authors.



  1. Teach our people about of our true history especially before we were enslaved.

  2. Use a curriculum that is centered around our culture.

  3. Bring people a better context to the Black Struggle and a greater understanding about those who were for it and against it.

  4. Present a safe space for Black educators to teach on the subjects and topics in the way that we know will create the conditions of intellectual empowerment.