Mission Statement

The International Black Freedom Alliance is a collective of trained black organizers who’s immediate goal is to empower black working class communities  with the tools and the vision to create a fair and equal society globally for us all.


Who We Are

The International Black Freedom Alliance or TheIBFA is a Pan African (Black Centered) Collective (Organization) who organizes without boarders (Globally) to bring forth Liberation (Freedom) through creating a network of Local (Community) Organizing.


What We Do

Disrupt the Status Quo. Transform Activist into Organizers. Create Impactful Programs and Holistic Initiatives. Raise the Consciousness of Our People. Organize Local Issues into Global Campaigns. And Build Our Communities towards Liberation.


How We Do It

Through Building Collectivity and Unity. Every Aspect of Our 5 Year Plan is Geared Towards Visible Outcomes that Socially, Politically, Economically, Spiritually and Culturally Moves the Community Towards Power.

Our Struggle

Our struggle is against a system that disrupts balance and peace amongst all living things. This system was created hundreds of years ago for one group of people to dominate others. This systems created the pseudo-science which is called race today which classifies human beings by color. To support itself it also created imbalance between the sexes and a economic system to collect all of the world’s resources and technology so that everyone will call upon it for help. This system is inherently and innately violent and will use policy, currency, drugs, and when that fails then bullets and bombs to dominate people and their lands. Under this system the people who benefit the most will use the guise of democracy, aid, research, philanthropy as an entry point so that it can destroy the people's culture, traditions, and spiritually and will replace it will an oppressive one. This system is so sophisticated that it will also use newly oppressed people  to oppress their own people and rod their land's resources to ensure that this system is perpetuated   even in the original oppressor's absence. If this system is able to continue to grow Globally then the earth as we know it will get to a point of no return. We call this system White Supremacy and we will organize relentlessly to dismantle this historically oppressive system so that we can replace it with a better one. We hope that you join us in this fight.

Theory of Change


Phase One

Create a Cultural Revolution

We will create a culture where Blackness is publicly affirmed amongst ourselves, socially respected by others and taught and protected for future generations to practice openly.

Phase two

lumumba victory children.jpeg

Create a Political Revolution 

We will build new and more principled political formations that create agendas and policies that uses and Global Racial Equity Lens to propel us closer to a world without Anti-Blackness.

Phase three

Create a Global Movement 

We will forge strong International connections amongst Black People and our allies so that we as human beings can finally create an fair and just society for everyone.