Liberation Farms



In our fight for equality we must ensure our own human rights where we can. There can be no strong movement without the fulfillment of a basic need like food. Beyond providing free breakfast for the community we will also learn to grow our own food to combat the lack of healthy eating options due to living in food deserts. We set out with the long term vision to be able to feed every member of our organization within the next ten years but first we must acquire the skills to do so. The very skill that we once possessed by force through slavery will be the same tool to liberate us. By teaching our people farming on a small scale in these Community Gardens we will be able to one day scale up to enough knowledge to farm acres of land at a time. We need to expand the options from just fast fried foods to fresh organic produce so that we can be around long enough to fight for a fair and just world.


  1. Teach our people how grow their own food organically.
  2. Turn enough vacant lots and green spaces in the hood to the favelas into urban farms.
  3. Purchase large plots of land so we can practice commercial agriculture.
  4. Feed every member monthly.
  5. Teach our people a skill that can be used to build and sustain a Nation