It's Time to Fight Back

Over the past five years, police brutality has become a consistent theme in nightly news and social media feeds. We have all witnessed the pain and trauma inflicted on bodies of color by law enforcement officers, at the same time we have seen our people rise up to resist this injustice from Ferguson, Mo to Milwaukee, WI and around the world. The disruptions are becoming more frequent. The actions are becoming bolder. And the people are willing to take to the streets no matter the race, gender, sex or age bracket to ensure our collectives voices are being heard


    This weekend aims to not only mobilize but to reenergize and organize our bases in ways that can not only disrupt the criminal justice system but transform. Our vision for this weekend is to equip every family with the help that they need to carry on with their fight, every organizations with the tools to build up community of resistance and to connect individuals and activist with other like minded people to to begin the alternatives to this corrupt system of injustice.



O22 Weekend Events (So Far)


On Thursday, October 19th

The Weekend will start early and with a bang. So one Thursday there will be a targeted direct action to let the city and the world know that we're here to disrupt business as usual for the next few days.


On Saturday Oct 21st

This day will start early with a Free Breakfast Program called #BooksAndBreakfast aimed at educating and unifying the community which is just one of the community services events that will mark a day of  community solutions.



On Friday Oct 20th

We expect the bulk of the people to arrive of this day. After everyone gets checked in, we mobilize. There will be a silent march lead by the families of the victims of Police Brutality followed by events aimed towards capacity building the for organizers and activist and resources for all the families.



On Sunday, October 22nd

Our aim is to heal and empower through hope and faith so will have a interfaith because we feel that in this fight for justice our souls needs to be replenished our this journey.

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